Do Home Remedies for Heartburn Really Work?

Yes, certain home remedies for heartburn are really very effective. Therefore, it’s often wise to begin treating heartburn with such safe, natural and gentle home remedies. If symptoms don’t improve as much as you want them to, you may move on to over-the-counter or prescription-grade medications.

However, starting with a home remedy for heartburn may enable you to feel better quickly, without needing to spend too much money (or having to put lab-created chemicals into your body!). Many people do like this holistic approach and they prefer to seek out homeopathic remedies for heartburn.

To help you discover the best natural remedies for heartburn, we’ve created a detailed guide. We’ll let you know what these treatment options are, how they work, and what to do if you don’t get premium results from these “how to stop heartburn” remedies. By offering you all of the hard facts that you will need, we hope to empower you, by helping you to enjoy a healthier and happier life.

Once you’ve learned how to eradicate or minimize the burning sensation of painful heartburn, you’ll be able to improve your quality of life. In most cases, home remedies of this type will work very quickly, so it will be possible to access near-instant relief from symptoms, without busting your budget. 

Discover Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn

First of all, you should know that heartburn is caused by acid seepage from the stomach into the esophagus. This occurs because a part of the body known as the LES (lower esophageal sphincter) doesn’t close quite as tightly as it should. Once acid from the stomach seeps into the esophagus, due to a slack LES, burning pain begins, and this discomfort can be very disturbing.

In other words, when you have heartburn, it’s hard to think about anything else and it’s pretty hard to focus on daily activities. So, heartburn adversely affects quality of life.

While heartburn varies in severity and frequency, it is almost always painful. Those who suffer from chronic heartburn should see their family doctors, in order to exclude the presence of diseases which have symptoms that mimic those of heartburn. Heart disease is just one example.

In addition, when home remedies simply aren’t enough, a doctor will be able to recommend OTC medications or prescribe extra-strength medications in order to combat heartburn.

So, start with home remedies and then see how things go – however, if you do suffer from heartburn a lot, you should really see a doctor. Now, let’s talk about some interesting natural remedies for heartburn, one of which may suit your requirements perfectly.

How to Stop Heartburn the Natural Way

One easy tip which is amazingly cheap is just to drink some water when you begin to experience heartburn symptoms. By doing so, you’ll ensure that acid which has seeped out of your stomach, into the esophagus, is flushed downward.

Many people don’t know that drinking a glass of water is one of the quickest ways to nip annoying heartburn in the bud. So, try this treatment option out the next time that you suffer from heartburn – it works very well for most people who use it.

Another option is to generate more saliva, as saliva has natural properties which neutralize the acid that triggers heartburn. To generate more saliva, chew some gum (a formula which contains bicarbonate will work well, as this ingredient also neutralizes acid) or pop a hard candy in your mouth. Some people can think about delicious foods that they want to eat in order to create more saliva. However you do it, you’ll find that it’s a quick fix for heartburn.

Another trusted home remedy for this troublesome affliction is baking soda. Just mix a teaspoon and a half of this common kitchen ingredient into an eight-ounce glass of water and drink it. Baking soda does contain plenty of salt, so this cure option may not be right for those who are on low-sodium diets. However, baking soda is a natural antacid which may be a perfect quick cure for heartburn.

Just use it in moderation – in other words, you shouldn’t take more than three teaspoons of this substance in a twenty-four hour period. It’s best to add a few drops of lemon juice to this drink, in order to protect your stomach. There is a small risk of stomach rupture with a baking soda cure for heartburn, and adding lemon juice will dramatically minimize the risk of this rare side effect.

Lifestyle Changes for Heartburn Sufferers

Changing your diet and getting the right sort of physical activity may also assist you with tackling heartburn symptoms and preventing new ones. Since lifestyle changes of this type will be simple to make and beneficial to your overall health, why not try one or more of them today?

Vegetable juice is loaded with precious nutrients, so it’s great fuel for the body. In addition, the juice of certain vegetables – with the strong exception of tomatoes, which actually act as heartburn triggers, due to their high levels of acids – will soothe heartburn beautifully, without any downside or adverse side effects. To control or eliminate heartburn with vegetable juice, choose the right veggies. You’ll find that carrot, cucumber, radish and beet juices have the most value for this purpose. If you don’t have a juicer, you should be able to buy these juices at good grocery stores or health food stores. 

Gravity is also your friend when it comes to conquering the pain of heartburn. After all, standing up straight will push acid down into the tummy, where it belongs. So, getting up and moving around may be one of the best ways to feel better quickly! Avoid the temptation to lie around when heartburn strikes. When we feel unwell, we often want to lie down in order to give our bodies a break. However, in the case of heartburn, lying down may be counter-productive.

Eating earlier in the evening is a simple lifestyle change which will help your body to regulate acid levels before you sleep. If you routinely eat your supper late or snack at night, you may be making heartburn episodes more frequent. As well, certain foods that you consume may be triggering heartburn attacks which leave you miserable and uncomfortable!

Avoid Trigger Foods to Stop Heartburn

Certain foods are known to bring on heartburn – unfortunately, a lot of them are very tempting. For example, greasy food, which almost everyone craves now and then, is a trigger food for heartburn. Spicy fare and coffee may also cause attacks.

Other foods and drinks to avoid as you seek out the perfect anti-heartburn elimination diet include alcohol, tomatoes, grapefruit and garlic. High-fat foods (even those which don’t appear to be greasy!), such as cheeses and nuts – except almonds, which are actually another home remedy for heartburn – may also exacerbate symptoms or bring on attacks.

By changing your diet, you should be able to reduce the incidence of attacks. While you don’t need to deprive yourself every day, getting in the habit of avoiding foods which are most likely to trigger heartburn attacks will be an investment in your good health. If you do indulge, you may want to consider taking an antacid before your meal. There are certain OTC medications which may be taken before meals, in order to prevent heartburn which is related to food choices.

Bear in mind that eating too much may also start heartburn. When the stomach is overloaded, it’s easier for stomach acid to push upwards, into the esophagus.

Beat Your Heartburn Symptoms Today

We hope that this detailed guide has given you some interesting and practical treatment options. Whether you choose home remedies or conventional medications for heartburn is really up to you. However, knowing what the best home remedies for heartburn are will open up possibilities. Since it’s possible to try many of these home remedies without buying a thing (you probably have the right ingredients on hand right now!), they offer sensible treatment solutions which are safe, natural and extremely cost-effective.

Once you’ve learned how to take care of heartburn issues via home remedies, you’ll find that you’re less dependent on medications. If your heartburn is severe and/or frequent, it’s very important to see a doctor. It’s always possible that another health problem is at play, which is triggering heartburn-like symptoms. So, visit your doctor if home remedies aren’t working as they should be, or OTC meds for heartburn aren’t getting the job done.

By using natural treatment strategies first, you’ll be able to tackle most heartburn symptoms without fuss, hassle or expense. In addition, when you use the lifestyle changes found in this guide, you’ll be primed to prevent heartburn attacks in the future. So, our guide offers preventative tips and treatment tips.

Make the most of your health and well-being – try our exceptional home remedies for heartburn today, and make sure to adjust your diet in order to keep trigger foods away. When you do, you may find that heartburn is a rare occurrence in your life.