The Impending Threat of a Severe Heartburn

A huge number of individuals all over the world suffer from heartburn cases that range from mild to moderate. Some sufferers were able to ignore their effects with them lasting only a couple of minutes. However, others find heartburn attacks to be far worse disrupting their day to day activities. Severe heartburn is indeed something that should not be taken lightly or for granted especially with the huge inconvenience it brings. Let us look at what classifies as a severe heartburn cases as well as look into alternative solutions on how to remedy them.

Severe heartburn is considered to be remotely similar when compared to regular attacks. Although they share the same traits, the intensity of severe heartburn is much worse making it a cause for concern to their sufferers. A simple case of heartburn can develop into a bigger problem especially when it happens on frequent occasions. Aside from that, this can also lead to a faint taste of acid on the back side of your tongue as well as a frequent feeling of pain under your breastbone. Some patients have also reported to experience problems when swallowing and difficulties sleeping a few times a week making severe heartburn far worse than they can imagine.

Heartburn Leading to a Bigger Problem

If not remedied in a timely manner, your heartburn can develop into a serious case making it part of an even larger problem. GERD or is also known as gastro esophageal reflux disease that shows similar symptom to heartburn but at much higher degree. It should be noted that complications can arise with GERD which includes the development of ulcers and strictures of the esophagus, cough and asthma, throat and laryngeal inflammation, infection of the lungs as well as a collection of fluid in the sinuses and middle ear.

Natural Heartburn Remedy

Many heartburn sufferers make sure to take the necessary measures in order to effectively manage their condition. This includes taking the extra step with their lifestyle choices. Losing weight for instance, is shown to have positive effects to heartburn and the same can also be said with regards to exercise and getting the right amount of sleep.

What to eat when you have heartburn also plays a very important role in helping lessen the impact of their attacks. The food that you will want to mainly avoid are the ones that contain a lot of spice. Aside from that, you will also want to lessen your consumption of fried foods, chocolates as well as coffee and tea. On the other hand, adding vegetables, ginger, oatmeal, non citrus fruits, lean meats and egg whites will definitely go a long way in keeping your heartburn attacks at bay.

Making the necessary changes as to what to eat when you have heartburn is a huge decision and as such, patients should make sure to consult their doctors and dietician first in order to find the best meal plan that will be able to fit their preference and needs.


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